Pod Concepts Benefits


1 Prefabricated Construction

  • Technical: greater control within factory environment, reduced defects and increased quality
  • Social: safe and secure construction conditions and weather protection
  • Economic: reduced cost and time over traditional on site construction
  • Sustainable: reduced material waste end energy efficiency

2 Transportable

  • Single site delivery of finished product
  • Adaptable layout of your section over time
  • If you move, just take your Pod Concept with you!

3 Cost Effective

  • 40-60% cheaper than traditional construction
  • Pods are multi-use use for efficiency of space
  • A saleable asset should your circumstances change

4 Sustainable

  • Low impact with a light footprint on the earth
  • Renewable materials and energy efficient LED lighting
  • Designs can incorporate restorative ecological features, such as solar hot water systems.

5 Minimal Disruption

  • Choose from a standard range and know exactly what you’re getting
  • No construction site mess and waste
  • No disruption to your existing home

6 Adaptable

  • Easily adaptable to meet an infinite range of possibilities
  • Relocate your Pod to suit your changing needs
  • Add additional Pods to create your own cluster combination

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