About Pod Concepts

At Pod Concepts we have looked to push the boundaries of transportable architecture, while creating beautiful modern solutions to the requirement for extra space.


Who Is Pod Concepts?

Pod Concepts is managed by Steve Brackebush, who has been building for 25 years, and also owns a residential building company which specialises in exclusive new homes and renovations, and employs a team of six.

Steve is a Licensed Building Practitioner who started as an apprentice on the Hibiscus Coast before doing a working O.E. through Canada and America, where he enjoyed working on log homes before moving on to Europe.

It was in Europe that he discovered a passion for alternative building, and now Pod Concepts allows him to showcase these alternative building ideas.

Steve strives to offer a personal approach to his clients and he works hard to fulfill their expectations within their budget and timescales. The proof of Steve’s personal touch and dedication to excellence is that in addition to building amazing homes for his clients, he also often ends up building great friendships too.


Why Pod Concepts?

Steve Brackebush recognised that there was a gap in the market for stylish, designer transportable buildings after friends approached him asking if he could create something for them.

After doing some research Steve found that there were numerous cheap, portable cabins on the market, but nothing that would actually enhance the appearance of your property. At the other end of the scale he found plenty of architects who were happy to charge clients an arm and a leg to create bespoke options, but there was nothing in between … until Pod Concepts was created!

Pod Concepts have done the hard work for you. The Pods have been designed by an architect, and pre-built in a factory by experienced craftsmen and Licensed Building Practitioner – Steve and his team!


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