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At Pod Concepts we have looked to push the boundaries of transportable architecture, while creating beautiful modern solutions to the requirement for extra space.

Our Pods have been architecturally designed with careful consideration of the latest design methodologies and trends. Our aim has been to create modern yet classic spaces that make the most of every millimeter of the area and volume available, while maintaining a sophisticated quality and finish.


Our Pod Concepts provide excellent flexibility on a number of different levels.

As an extra space solution Pod Concepts provide a range of space and use requirements from bedroom, work space or gym to studio, guest accommodation or just an escape for some private time; Pod Concepts have the flexibility to meet your needs.

Our adaptable designs easily serve multiple needs as our custom designed furniture and layout allows for a home office through the day, a spare bedroom at night and an exercise space for the weekend.

Pod Concepts have also been designed to accommodate a number of cluster combinations, meaning if one pod is not enough you can combine two or more to meet your specific requirements.

Pod Concepts have the flexibility to change with you over time, adapting uses as your needs change - and if you move, you can take your Pod Concept with you!


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